Our desire is to educate responsible Americans about their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and to make that process as simple, fun, and educational as possible, and without compromising the seriousness that comes with firearm training and ownership.



Al Fike

Owner / LTC Instructor

Al is a certified TxDPS "License To Carry" instructor and NRA Basic Pistol Trainer currently residing in Richardson, Texas.  Growing up in Mississippi, he's always had a love and respect for firearms.  He also happens to be a professional comedian, minister, and inspirational speaker.  Al not only has tons of experience as a teacher, but is proficient in the art of balancing the hilarious with the serious.  And guns are serious! But he teaches in a fun way.


Skyler Fike

Designer / Photographer

Skyler, Al's son, is a photographer, designer, and filmmaker based in Oak Cliff, Texas.  He handles all the photography, design, and web work for Concealed Carry Texas.  His goal is to make your experience on this site as simple, exciting, and informative as possible.  Check out his creative work at: www.followskyfi.com.


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