Getting your LTC is simple!

Update: CHL is now called LTC
(License To Carry)

Just follow these step by step instructions.  Be sure to read all the information carefully, follow each instruction step by step, and you're on your way.  (Other helpful info at FAQ)


Step 1

A. Apply for your LTC on the Texas DPS website. 
Just submit the information requested by
The Department of Public Safety and pass a background check.  
(BTW, you can do this before or after taking the LTC class).

B. Schedule your fingerprint appointment. 
You will receive a confirmation email once you apply with State.
It will have a link to show you the fingerprint locations.

C. (Optional) It's a good idea to download and read the LTC requirements (pp. 5-7)
in  this document provided by The Department of Public Safety.

The cost to the State (DPS) is only $40!
(prices are lower for veterans, military, retirees & "special conditions";
just have your DD214 handy)

Step 2

Enroll in our LTC class on this site.  
(You don't have to wait for Steps 1 & 2 to be completed in order to take the LTC class).
Click here for class dates.  After you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email
from us with some helpful info to help you get ready for class.

Steps 3 - 4

After you enroll, steps 3 and 4 (pertain to the specifics of the LTC training course)
will be emailed about 3 days before Training Course.

(Watch short video range tour and what to expect).

Step 5

Once you pass the class and proficiency tests, you will receive your LTC-100 Certificate from Al.
Update: you can now use a .22 caliber (or higher) to qualify; that includes a revolver or semi-auto. (I still recommend 9mm).

Step 6

Sending your info in to the State:
Fastest way:

You can scan and email your documents to
Texas Department of Public Safety:

(Here is the Upload Documents Link)

Slower way: 

Keep your original LTC form, then mail a copy to:
Texas DPS
(Attn: LTC)
PO Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0001

Step 7

Now you just wait for your LTC license to arrive.  This can take about 30-60 days, but probably sooner.

Step 8

Once you receive your LTC License (looks like your Drivers License) in the mail,
you may “officially carry” your firearm.
(Click Here for new "Open Carry" laws, effective 1/1/16;
this link is the FAQ page for all questions about LTC)

Step 9

Schedule Basic Pistol Training.  You can take Basic Pistol class before or after the LTC Class.  Remember, if you DON'T have any experience with handguns, you NEED to take the Basic Pistol class before you take your LTC proficiency part of the LTC Course.  Reason: There will NOT be enough time to coach you at the gun range.  But, if you have shot before, and if you can load a magazine, aim and shoot, you may pass.  Having your LTC does NOT make you an expert with a firearm.  You MUST sharpen your skills!  I teach some techniques that you'll learn in one class that'll take you 4 or more classes to learn elsewhere.

Just call us first or simply enroll here for Basic Pistol Training.  Then we will contact you to set up a date and time.