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LTC Class April 10, Mon. 8am-Scheer Group

Cost: $75.00 (plus range fee).  You'll learn about firearm safety, storage, dispute resolution, plus the state and federal laws as they relate to carrying.

Click here to enroll in the LTC/CHL Training Class.  Select this date or "Other date" when filling out the enrollment form.  

1. Please arrive at P. Scheer's home (214) 564-6259 for the class at 7:50am, then we start at 8:00am.
2. DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARM in the class; only at the Gun Range afterwards. 
3. There will be a lunch break.  
4. After class (@ 2:00p) we'll head to Eagle Gun Range (map) and have some fun! Depending on how full the range is will determine when we are finished.  Students may leave after they qualify.  
5. Please watch short Tour Video and read Range Rules here before arriving to range.    Looking forward to having you!

(NOTE: Private Classes are available!  You can GET YOUR LTC for FREE if you get 10 others to sign up and pay for that class!  Class can be held at your home, church, business--you name the place and date.  Click here to enroll and request your date, or Call: 214-766-0969 for more details.)